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Welcome To The Healers Hands Massage and Bodywork

Dedicated to helping you achieve your very best through massage, eliminate stress, manage chronic conditions and provide a soothing, nurturing journey for you & your baby with massage.

The practice of using touch as a healing method derives from customs and techniques rooted in ancient history. Civilizations in the East and West found that natural healing and massage could heal injuries, relieve pain, prevent & cure illnesses. In modern day, it is a revered and respected holistic treatment.

Massage & bodywork is a natural, effective antidote to manage and reduce stress. Reducing stress gives you more energy, improves your outlook on life and, in the process reduces the likelihood of injury & illness. Massage also has numerous other health benefits. Some of which include: improving overall function and reduces pain, alleviates symptoms of depression, strengthens our immune systems and increases metabolism…just to name a few.

If you’ve never tried massage therapy as an alternative healing practice, I urge you to try it. Get “in touch” with massage therapy!

“If you don’t take the time to feel good, then you can’t receive good things in your day.”    – Rhonda Byrne, The Power