Sacred Goddess Rituals

With the Goddess rituals that I have created, it is my desire to help you learn how to deepen your connection to the goddess within you.  Allowing you to sync up, receive guidance & give support to all the different sides of your inner Goddess.  To help you move away from self-criticism and to help you appreciate yourself as an organic expression of the divine. When we dive into our own sacred space, we begin to tap into the ancient alchemical life force to transform anything into our greatest desires. 

Awaken Your Inner Goddess…

Before you arrive to your Sacred Goddess Ritual experience, you will first be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire, so I may learn more about you and your reason(s) for choosing this experience.  What you desire or hope to receive from this experience is the essence of why you’ve come.

Once you arrive, your treatment will begin in the meditation room.  Special attention has been given to this room to encourage inward reflection and to allow for deep relaxation.  An ancient foot ritual in a Copper basin will be drawn for you, where your feet will be cradled in a warm milk & Rose petal bath.  At this time, you will be given a tea blended for your experience and if you choose, you may pull a card from the Goddess Oracle deck for deeper contemplation.

After you’ve had time to enrich your inner sanctuary, you will be led into my treatment room.  Here is where the true magic lives!  Your treatment will contain an affirmation or intention so you may anchor your experience, bodywork and/or energy work, with a particular awareness to your skin.  I will use only natural or organic products during your treatment, as they were used and revered for their high vibrational aspects.  And in keeping with the essence of your Goddess, an alchemy that supports each one will be used, as they all have their favorites!  When your experience has concluded, you will anchor your intention & your journey by sipping on the divinely inspired Goddess Guides Essence crafted by Cathy Andrews, while pulling a card from The Sacred Self-Care Oracle deck.

Due to the nature of these treatments, we must allow them to intrinsically flow.  In other words, it must become in and of itself, an organic experience. While each treatment will include the elements listed, we must be open to other elements coming forth.  This can make for a very interesting and unique experience…that’s my inner Aphrodite speaking!