“Jennifer at The Healers Hands is the best massage therapist that I have ever experienced; firm, yet gentle when needed.  She invariably seems to find those achy spots that seem to disappear under her “healing hands”.  I try to get to see her monthly & always feel better afterwards!”        ~ Andy, South Carolina

“Thank you! Amazing!! Thank you so much Jen for all your wonderful abilities. Your massages have continued to help me stay med free while living with RA. The hot stones, warm towels, stretching and the massage always help me to stay consistently pain free. Again thank you! See you next month!!” ~ Amy, South Carolina

“Jen has helped me throughout the discomforts of my pregnancy. She helped with those nagging aches and pains and more recently (since I am towards the end of my third trimester), worked on some acupressure points to help induce labor. Although, I have yet to tell if the acupressure points worked to induce me since I am not in labor yet, I have noticed some big changes after the appointment with Jen ushering me closer to the big day!”            ~ Melissa, Virginia

“Yesterday I received a massage from Jennifer Uhler, Nctmb and it was a phenomenal massage. It was extremely therapeutic, relaxing & revitalizing. I am very picky about massage therapists [being a massage therapist myself and having studied in several different countries] but I give her skill & technique level 5 Stars and Jennifer comes highly recommended! Jennifer, Thank you again!” ~ George, New Jersey

“Eight years ago, I became pregnant and was overjoyed… the only problem was severe back pain that left me in bed and could hardly walk. I needed help so my husband suggested a massage. I was so scared because I was pregnant and wasn’t sure if a massage would be ok.  My husband did some research and happened to contact Jennifer.  He explained my situation and fears. Jennifer then setup an appt with my husband and me.  She was just a delight from the moment she came to my home..she made me feel so comfortable and put my fears and concerns at ease.  Once she finished the massage, I was able to have some comfort and mobility back in my life… none the less, I used Jennifer for my whole pregnancy and then after I had my child I then got pregnant 6mos after and used Jennifer again throughout my pregnancy.  If it wasn’t for her knowledge and wonderful personality, caring and let’s not forget massage skills, I would not have been able to have a stress free two pregnancies.  It would have been bed for me for 9mos and that is no fun!!!! Jennifer, I wish u still lived by me because I would still be using u just for me!!!!!! I hope whoever reads this gives Jennifer a call you will NOT be disappointed.” ~ Jeanne, New Jersey